The deets about leaks



Pool only $375

Pool/spa $425

Water features-additional $90 per hour

Pop up floor cleaner system-will require on site estimate


Where is my pool leaking?

A swimming pool can develop leaks in the plumbing or in the actual shell of the pool.  There is no limit to the number of places a leak can occur within these two places.  

So how does it work?

1) The scope of a leak detection will include pressurizing every inch of a pool's plumbing.  If it is determined that there is a problem that leak will be located using sonic listening devices.  This accurate approach to finding subsurface leaks ensures the least amount of property damage possible to fix your leak.

2) It is necessary to swim every pool tested for leaks.  The entire interior of the pool will be inspected and dye tested for water loss, any abnormalities will be flagged and included in your full report.

Can Shamrock Swims fix my leak?

Of course we can fix it!  We are happy to patch small leaks in your pool same day, larger more involved leaks will require scheduling another appointment.  Most repairs can also be performed at a discounted rate after you have already contracted us to locate the leak.  If you already have a service and repair company we can send them a copy of your leak detection report and work with them if necessary to help resolve your pools leak.

What we need from you

To schedule a leak detection we need access in to the backyard, not through the house.  We are dog lovers but also have our limits.  If your dog is a biter or a flight risk please keep them inside.  The entire process may take 2-8hrs so we do not need you to be home that entire time.  We will not however release any leak information until the invoice is paid in full.  

Call us today!

Call us to schedule your leak detection today, available appointments do fill up quickly.  Shamrock Swims does work year round with the exception of only the most extreme weather conditions.